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Accumulation & Use Of Coins

Earn & Accumulate Coins


1. Register and earn 50 coins.

2. Post reviews and earn 5 coins per review.

*Reviews are limited to 3 per day (15 coins per day).

*Reviews should not be less than 5 words.

3. Give likes on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and earn 2 coins per like.

*Likes are limited to 5 per day to each social media (30 coins per day).

*The gap between likes should be over 2 minutes.

4. Share on social media Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and earn 5% of the value of the orders resulting from your share.

5. Orders and earn 10%  of the cash value of your order this excludes coins used.


Use your coins 


1. With every order you can use up to 10% of the value of the order in coins.

*This offer applies to the nett cash value of the order (excluding coupons).

2. Business partners of Alona Shechter Ltd. may accumulate 1,000 coins which may then be exchanged for US$1,000 cash.

*These coins can only be exchanged if they were earned as a result of being 5% of an order.

*Excludes all other methods of earning coins.




1. There is no limit to the number of coins that can be accumulated.

2. Half coins will be rounded off to the next whole number.

3. Coins cannot be earned for the value of the cost of shipping.

4. Should goods be returned, coins earned will be reversed.

5. Coins are valid for a period of 1095 days (3 Years)

6. Earned coins will be recorded on our website and will be available to view at all times.

7. You will be reminded by e mail thirty days before expiration date of coins.

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