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5 ingredients every cosmetic product must have!

You probably know that Natural cosmetic products have been here since ancient history. Back in the Stone Age, people knew how to produce creams based on olive oil and herbs to treat the skin.

The natural beauty world comes from ancient Egypt which is considered to be the homeland of cosmetics. Evidence shows that back then, creams were produced to treat wrinkles and in Athens, women created face masks from honey and eggs.

Today, cosmetics have all the technology to enable it to produce advanced products. But without using nature as a source to beauty, technology has no means.

Many cosmetic products today are using nature's capabilities to soften, repair and nourish the skin.

In this article we will show you what the most valuable ingredients are that any cosmetic product should have. In this article we reveal all secrets and provide a glimpse to our own products which are based on natural ingredients!

1. Jade stone

The jade stone has disinfection qualities. It is known as the most powerful substance to balance the skin's PH, and to treat inflammation.

Did you know?

Jade stone powder is also great to strengthen the bones.

Our daily face cream "Beautyli Day Cream" contains jade stone powder in a high concentration, protecting the skin from any kind of inflammation.

alona shechter beautyli day cream

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2. Achillea - the miraculous treatment for the skin

Achillea is the name of a flower named after the mythic character "Achilles". The Achillea flowers are mostly found in Europe and the Achillea type we use in the cosmetic industry is called - “Yarrow”. This particular flower which has been known as a miraculous flower since ancient times in Greece.

In ancient America, people used Achillea to treat inflammation because of its abilities to boost blood flow.

Therefore, in cosmetic products, Achillea is being used to clean and disinfect the skin.

Try our Achillea Soapless Soap

alona shechter achillea soapless soap

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3. Evening Primrose Oil - A highly concentrated oil containing vitamins and minerals

The Evening Primrose plant is a great source for treating psoriasis and acne.

Did you know?

Evening Primrose Oil is also great for reducing cholesterol and treating heart disease.

In cosmetic products, the Evening Primrose Oil has anti-inflammatory capabilities as it reduces the creation of inflamed cells. That is why you'll find evening primrose oil in soaps and advanced treatment creams.

The evening primrose oil is rich in omega 6, acidic oil and GLA- Gamma - linolenic acid and has the ability to accelerate melanin production.

Here at "Alona Shechter", you'll find high concentration levels of evening primrose oil in our Classic Serum for face care.

alona shechter classic serum

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4. Flaxseed oil - a must have ingredient for hair and face products.

Flaxseed oil is known as "dry oil" as it is capable of becoming solid.

That is why flaxseed oil is great for all hair products as the oil cleanses the hair and repairs it by its ability to become solid. It also nourishes the hair without leaving it oily or greasy.

Did you know?

Flaxseed is great for your health as it is rich in omega 3, fibers, B1 vitamin and more.

In the cosmetic industry, flaxseed oil is a necessary ingredient.

Our Hair Serum - the best seller in our hair series - contains flaxseed oil in high concentration levels

alona shechter hair serum

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5. Pearl powder - a collagen accelerator

Pearl powder is produced from natural pearls raised in salty water. The pearl powder has various uses in the cosmetic industry, as it is great for enhancing face tone, color and texture as well as reducing wrinkles and spots.

Did you know?

Pearl powder, as a cosmetic ingredient, was first discovered amongst the royal family in ancient Asia and was originally aimed at treating acne.

Over the years, research has shown that pearl powder has the ability to "wake up" the skin fibers and as a result, regenerates collagen.

This cycle helps the skin to heal from wounds, burns and acne.

Pearl powder contains amino acids, over 30 types of minerals and a high concentration of calcium. That is why pearl powder is most suitable for treating inflammation and to relax the skin.

Check out our Body Lotion - which contains a high concentration of pearl powder, to make sure your skin won't develop inflammation.

alona shechter body lotion

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And finally,

We at "Alona shechter" believe in natural based cosmetics and we use our knowledge to create products that have the maximum effect.

You are welcome to contact us.

Alona Shechter's Team


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