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Jade Powder

What is Jade?

Jade stones are divided into two main groups:

Jadeite is a lighter color, usually pale green. It contains a combination of sodium, iron, aluminum, silica and oxygen.

Nephrite is darker in color, dark green or pink. It contains a combination of calcium, magnesium, silica, oxygen, hydrogen and iron.


How does Jade contribute to the skin in the field of cosmetics?

Due to the special composition of Jade, it can be incorporated into products that create the renewal of skin cells and it gives the skin a young, fresh and full of life texture. In simple terms,it has the reputation of contributing to Anti-Aging. It also contributes to the removal of dead and dry skin. 


Jade Powder is used in the following Alona Shechter products:

Beautyli Day Cream - An anti-aging moisturizer which preserves and firms the face and neck. It also nourishes the skin, reducing the aging process, contributing significantly to the preservation and renovation of dermal collagen, leaving it with a soft texture.


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Classic Serum - An anti-aging serum with a special combination of active ingredients that nourish the skin all day. It reduces the effects of aging on the skin, leaving it with a soft, pleasant and radiant texture.


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Eye Gel - Provides the skin with a moist and smooth texture, while eliminating wrinkles. It firms the skin and is most effective at reducing swelling and dark bags under the eyes. This anti-aging gel consists of botanical extracts, minerals from the Dead Sea and Jade powder which together create a meaningful and effective improvement.


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Whitening Cream - The primary role of this product is to spread the natural melanin equally throughout the skin. It also helps to create additional melanin which together contribute to eliminate the phenomenon of pigmentation created by nature, age and pregnancy.



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