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What is the connection between fine natural cosmetic products and ancient medicine?

Ancient medicine is the accumulating knowledge of all nature's abilities to heal and nourish our bodies. In this article, we'll show you how the ancient medicine principles are assembled in modern cosmetic products. We'll see that for each medical problem, there's a natural answer and that high quality cosmetic products, use this ancient knowledge to the benefit of their customers.

1. The problem - Acne

The ancient treatment -  Egg protein

Egg protein is considered to be one of the common solutions to treat acne. In order to use egg protein, separate the protein from the egg and apply it on the face for 15 minutes. Another good natural treatment for acne is rose water blended with lemon: take one drop of rose water with half a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and apply it on your face for 2-3 minutes.

The cosmetic solution - look for products that give the skin deep cleansing, removes toxins and oils

Achillea Soapless Soap is a unique development by Alona Shechter Company.

Achillea Soapless Soap is based on natural ingredients such as: Yarrow Extract, Saint John's Wort Extract, Bitter Orange Oil, Dead Sea salt, Sage Leaf Extract, Chamomile extract and more.

These ingredients form a combination that gives all the benefits towards treatment. The soap cleans and disinfects the skin at the highest level, it open the pores and therefore allows better penetration of any additional product to the skin.

Achillea soapless soap vs egg protein

2. The problem - Dry skin

The ancient treatment - Honey

Honey contains many vital ingredients that nourish, clean and moisten the skin.  Honey or beeswax are both proven as anti-septic nourishing substances. Apply honey with a cotton ball on your skin. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and rinse.

The cosmetic solution - Look for products with the Honeysuckle Extract & Beeswax

Beauty Day Cream, a moisturizer rich in natural ingredients such as: Beeswax, Chamomile Extract, Dead Sea Salt,  Green Tea Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Jade Powder, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract, Pomegranate Extract and more.

The special combination of Dead Sea minerals and medicinal herbs, which together create a change to the skin and make it feel younger, more radiant and smoother.

beautyli day cream vs honey

3. The problem - Pigmentation

The ancient treatment - Milk

Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, used to bathe in a milk bath. Milk shares many natural healing virtues and one of them is the ability to remove spots, pigmentation and radiate the skin.

Today, we produce lactic acid from milk. The lactic acid is being used to radiate the skin, soften it and supply moisture.

*Alona Shechter Company does not use milk substitute in our products. We use natural ingredients for pigmentation problems.

The cosmetic solution - Look for products with the Matsutake Mushroom Extract.

Whitening Cream has a unique ingredient called Matsutake Mushroom Extract which is a natural solution for pigmentation. There are over 50 varieties of wild mushrooms and this extract is used as an Anti Aging solution which actively contributes to reducing the signs of pigmentation by regulating the balance of melanin in the skin.

whitening cream vs milk

4. The problem - Psoriasis

The ancient treatment - Goat milk

Goat milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. It has a natural butter that nourishes the skin and it is known for it’s healing abilities for different skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.

The cosmetic solution - Search for products which contain extract from the Frankincense tree

Mor And Levona Balsam (frankincense and myrrh), contains more than 12 different types of herbs such as Aloe Vera Extract, Beeswax, Chamomile Extract, Dead Sea Salt, Myrrh Extract, Propolis Extract, Rosemary Oil, Sage Leaf Extract, Saint John's Wort Extract, Shea Butter Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Yarrow Extract and more. It helps to nourish the skin while renewing skin cells and calming the outbreak of psoriasis.

mor and levona balsam vs goat milk

5. The problem - Bags under the eyes

The ancient treatment - Cucumber

Cucumbers are made up of 98% water. The high percentage of water helps the skin remove liquid and therefore helps to relax reduce bags under the eyes. You can use cucumber slices on your face or eyes and even mash the cucumber and apply it on your face.

The cosmetic solution - Firming Gel for removing bags under the eyes

Eye Gel contains natural herbs which effectively remove the bags under the eyes and greatly contributes to nourishing the skin, making it firm and smooth.

eye gel vs cucumber

6. The problem - Tired and mat skin

The ancient treatment - Avocado

Avocados are rich in many vitamins such as A,E,B,D and are also rich in minerals, calcium, iron and potassium.

The avocado oil is considered to be very effective for rejuvenating the skin. It adds shine and moisture to the skin and is even good for the hair. You can mash the avocado and apply it on your face - day or night.

The cosmetic solution - Look for products which contain avocado oil

Vitamin Oil, a revolutionary product based on natural oils such as Avocado Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and more. It is the most effective softening and nourishing oil for the skin, dramatically reducing wrinkles and leaves the skin looking healthy and young.

vitamin oil vs avocado

To sum up - Natural ingredients can help your skin rejuvenate itself. This is why we use natural based ingredients in all of our products. 

You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions.

Alona Shechter team.

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