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Everything you wanted to know about our hair product series!

A series of hair products for rehabilitation, caring for and nourishing the hair, which are based on natural materials and feature a unique and revolutionary method for hair care.

hair model

What are the products in the series?

Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil

This product contains a compound of ten types of natural oils which nourish the hair, protecting and guarding it from damage from the weather, blow-drying and solar radiation.

Until now you have used regular hair conditioner which softens and weakens the hair roots and increases the possibility of hair loss. Now you can say goodbye to regular hair conditioner and start using Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil.

Ideal for

* The prevention of damage, splitting and dry hair.

* Strengthening and nourishing the hair follicles and scalp.

* The prevention of hair loss and the improvement of the elasticity of the hair.

Instructions for use

Apply the oil on wet hair before applying shampoo. Yes, this may sound unusual but using our method, the oil protects the hair roots before shampooing. Pour 5 drops of oil onto your hand and rub into the hair. Start by massaging the oil into the scalp and continuing to the hair ends.

Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil



Herbal Shampoo

Our shampoo is based on natural ingredients and therefore suitable for all hair types, including delicate hair, bleached hair, straightening and curling treatments. 

For women who have had straightening and curling treatments, this shampoo maintains the results over time.

Instructions for use

After using Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil, apply the shampoo and massage thoroughly. Note that the foaming operation is different from what you're used to because of the use of the oil before shampooing.

Do not worry, this shampoo will remove any excess dirt and grease without damaging the scalp or the hair.

Herbal Shampoo



Hair Serum

After nourishing the hair with Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil and after shampooing the hair with Herbal Shampoo which gently removes grease and dirt, step out of the shower and finish the process by using Hair Serum to nourish and soften the hair giving it a glow and adding vitality.

Our serum is based on flaxseed oil and herbal extracts. It prevents the formation of split ends, restores damaged hair giving it a glow, makes the hair soft and protects against sun damage.

Instructions for use

Pour a few drops of serum onto your hands, rub and apply to wet or dry hair to give it a boost of essential vitamins. Using this serum will make combing and brushing easier, leaving the hair with a glowing and luxurious texture. 

Hair Serum


Other tips for healthy hair!

1. Let the hair dry naturally without using a hairdryer at least once a week.

2. Drink plenty of water. It is important to drink water to moisturize the skin and hair. This improves the appearance of the hair making it soft and natural.

3. Use warm water which opens the pores and allows the shampoo to penetrate. Rinse shampoo with cold water which closes the pores and restores back to normal.

4. We advise combing or brushing hair while dry before showering. Combing or brushing wet hair may result in hair loss. If, however, after the shower your hair is knotted, we recommend using your fingers to remove the knots and only then comb or brush your hair.

5. To prevent static use a small amount of hair serum while combing or brushing.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Alona Shechter

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