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How to choose cosmetic products

In 2015, Israel had 189 cosmetic companies, and, if you ask us, we would tell you that they are all reputable companies. We truly believe that Israel is a superpower in the cosmetics industry as we have unique ingredients that are found only in Israel, such as minerals from the Dead Sea.

Every company is unique, starting from the name and continuing up to the special ingredients that differentiates it from its competitors.

When choosing a cosmetic product, it is important to take note of the following:

1. Company Name - When a company is named after its founder, it is an indication that that person stands behind their products and has a commitment to product quality.

2. Series products by association - Most products are part of a series and they do not appear as a single product. The series can tell a lot about the nature of the product, such as an anti-aging series, a series for delicate skin or a hair series. A product that is associated with a series can better clarify its intended use.

3. Product Name - Not all creams are moisturizers although some that look and feel like moisturizers, e.g. Whitening cream, must only be used at night and must not be exposed to the sun.

4. Skin type - It is important to use a cream that is comparable to your skin type. For oily skin, use only a water-based formula and for dry skin an oil-based formula.

5. Age - It is recommended to use products applicable to your age. e.g. over 50-year-old women should use products that firm the skin as well as moisturizing it. Young women can use regular moisturizers.

6. Comfort - cosmetic products remain on your face or body for many hours and therefore you must feel comfortable with the product. The product should not be too oily, too dry, nor too heavy neither should it evaporate too quickly.

7. License - All cosmetic products must be licensed by the Ministry of Health. Should the product not be licensed by the Ministry of Health, we recommend that you not use it.

8. Complementary products - There are many products that complement each other for the perfect result, such as moisturizer and face serum or shampoo and hair oil. It should be understood that using only one product may not give the result you are looking for. The best results are obtained by using the correct complementary products.

The following points are unimportant and should not take precedent when choosing cosmetic products:

1. Price - Your skin does not know how much you paid for the product.

2. Packaging - Your skin will not recognize fancy or plain packaging.

3. Size - The quantity in ml’s is far more important than the size of the box or packaging.

4. Brand - The skin does not recognize the brand nor the name of the company you use.

5. Advertising - Do not believe everything you read or hear in advertisements without trying the product yourself. All that glitters is not gold.

Remember that in the end the skin recognizes only the correct active ingredients. For the reduction of wrinkles or pigmentation, it is vitally important that the products you use have a high concentration of the correct active ingredients.

Alona Shechter Company uses the highest concentration of active ingredients in their  products allowed by the Ministry of Health, so the results speak for themselves.

In addition, Alona Shechter Company distinguishes itself from other companies by combining ingredients that contain medicinal herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea which together create a real and positive change to the skin.

Remember that if one product from a particular company works for you, it does not necessarily mean that all products from that same company will be successful. Each product should be judged on its merits until you get a perfect result.

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