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Skin Care Routine for All Ages - A guide to mothers and daughters

A well-kept woman is not born overnight. It has to be a daily ongoing routine. Sounds like another task? Not necessarily. Once you adapt your daily face care routine as a habit, you can really enjoy it and the good news is you can learn skin care routine at any age.

In this article, we address all of you mothers out there, to teach and guide your children to create good lasting skin care routine. Let's begin

Skin care at childhood

Whether your child likes to dress up or play with makeup, good skin care routine is a result of education in skin cleansing. Healthy hair and skin at childhood is a result of good cleaning habits. Explain to your kids the virtue of keeping the body clean. It will benefit them both physically and mentally. 

And a small great tip - of course we do not recommend to start using face care products at these ages, but if there is one product you need, it is - Hair Serum. Besides its nourishing and rehabilitation qualities, it also prevents children from contracting lice. Try it.

Skin care for adolescents

With the beginning of adolescence, the hormones change and we'll probably see the first appearance of skin pimples known as acne

If your children suffer from acne, don’t neglect the situation. You can treat acne at home with the right kind of products, but make sure that before applying any acne product, the skin is super clean, and pores are open and ready to fully absorb the acne product treatment. 

Our recommendation - Try our "Achillea Soapless Soap". 

This soap cleanses and disinfects the skin to a high level. It opens pores and allows better penetration of any additional product to the skin.

Skin care routine in your twenties

When you're in your twenties, it is advisable to commit to a wider skin care routine of cleaning - moisturizing - nourishing.

Face cleaning

If you're using a face cleaning soap, apply it on moist skin and remove it with a cotton ball or clean cloth. 


It is advisable to use a serum after cleansing mainly because the serum is the mediator between your face and the moisturizing cream you apply. The serum enables your skin to absorb the nourishing and moisturizing ingredients better. Apply serum with tapping moves on your face and T zone.  

Moisturizing cream

Now apply the moisturizing cream on your face. You don't have to use a generous quantity as long as your face cream is a high quality and contains a high concentration of active ingrediants.

Apply the moisturizing cream on your T zone - forehead and cheek bones, and massage the cream deeply into your skin. Don’t forget to apply the cream to your neck as well.

Skin care routine when you're in your thirties

Now that you're in your thirties, you can enjoy the thrill of discovering new face care products. In your thirties, your face care routine is more than a routine: it’s a journey that discovers textures, smells and the variety of different products.

If you're approaching 30, you probably may see the first signs of wrinkles. Our face muscles contract 15,000 times a day and by the age of 30, these signs start to show. Wrinkles first appear around the eyes where the skin is most genteel. If you're approaching 30, you cannot allow yourself not to use an Eye Gel. 

Skin care routine in your forties

When you're forty, it is advisable for you to start using anti-aging products. Skin muscles start to droop and the biggest challenge at forty is to fight gravity with anti-aging products.

Our recommendation - Choose daily face creams with a lifting effect for prolonged results. 

And when you're in your fifties

Now is the time to fight pigmentation. When the skin starts to age, you will probably witness dark spots on your forehead or cheeks known as "brown spots" or "age spots".

Our recommendation - Use Whitening Cream. 

Our Whitening Cream is packed with active ingredients, herbs and jade powder which nourish the skin during the night.

The primary role of the Whitening Cream is the ability to restore the skin to produce melanin evenly in all areas of application.


And Finally,

Skin care routine is a habit you can adapt at any age and is a gift you can provide to yourself and your family

Good luck!

Alona Shechter 

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