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Prepare your skin for the transition seasons

How to prepare your skin for the most blossoming season of the year?

Spring brings blossom, but this it is also the time when our skin is most sensitive to weather changes. This time of year, our skin is more likely to develop a rash, dry skin, redness and even pigmentation.

The good news is that these symptoms do not present a health threat and they are treatable.

I've summed up 5 easy-to-use tips for your daily skin care routine.

1. Moisturizer!

Our skin is first to react to weather changes. one of the common symptoms to weather changes is skin dryness. How do you know if your skin is dry? You'll feel your skin is stretched and sensitive to touch. If you have these symptoms - your skin is dry and craving for moisture.

But be smart - even if you use a moisturizing cream every day, you won't see results unless you make sure you perform two routines which I call "the inner solution" and "the outer solution":

The inner solution:

Health experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. But did you know what the huge benefits to your skin are? Our skin has 3 layers - the outer layer - epidermis, the deep layer - hyperdemis and the middle layer - hedremis. All of the skin layers need water. Lack of water is the first sign of dryness shown on your face, so drink up.Water and moisture

The outer solution addresses your daily skin care routine:

I suggest that you become familiar again with your serum! The serum captures the moisturizer ingratiated in your face cream and absorbs it into the skin. The Serum performs as a mediator between your skin and the moisturizing cream; helping it to be fully absorbed.

I suggest using serum every day, after you have cleaned your face and before applying the moisturizing cream.

dry skin

2. Change your face cream from time to time

Our skin changes over the years and reacts differently to the active ingredients in every cosmetic product - even if you have been using the same cosmetic product for years. If your face cream includes natural ingredients, it is more likely that your skin will not develop allergies over the years.

Especially in spring time when the weather is unstable, I recommend you go back to nature: use natural ingredient cosmetic products that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. My face creams are all natural ingredient based in order to provide the most effective vitamin treatment the skin needs.

3. Forget to clean your face? It’s a big NO - NO

Know this - if you apply moisturizing cream on an un-cleaned face, you are more vulnerable to pimples and spots. A moisturizing cream applied on an unclean face will absorb fat and makeup that have accumulated on your face over the day. That is why you should address face cleaning as you address tooth brushing - it has to be done every day. There are many face cleaning soaps on the market that are easy to use - you are welcome to check out ours.

face soap

4. Feed your skin with a nourishing treatment

Especially this time of year, your skin needs nourishing.  In this period I would not recommend going through major peeling treatments. My recommendation - nourish your skin every night with a night nourishing cream. Your skin will thank you.

5. Face Mask!

Unfortunately, not many women use face masks in their face care routine. it’s a shame - the face mask is designed to boost vital minerals and vitamins in your skin. Just as you keep (at least) a weekly routine of using a hair mask I suggest you do the same with your face mask - especially now that the weather is dry.

Look for a face mask with natural ingredients for the most effective results.face mask

Do you have any questions? You are more than welcome to contact us.


Alona Shechter

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