About Alona Shechter Ltd.

Alona Shechter Ltd. is a company rich in knowledge in the area of innovation of beauty and health products. The company, which was founded in 1994, has a fine reputation in the cosmetics industry.

The company manufactures and markets personal care products based on natural ingredients that combine medicinal herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea. The uniqueness of these products is that they contain a particularly high concentration of active ingredients.

Our products include creams and vitamin-rich oils that provide nutrients to the skin and increase its ability to deal with the elements and time. The products complement each other and are suitable for use on the hair, face and body and have been adapted for different skin types and all ages.

The combination of medicinal herbs which grow in areas with contradictory climates, require different resistance components which Dead Sea minerals have and together have created a magical world, part of which remain hidden.

In 2010 Alona Shechter developed a series of “Premium Anti-Aging Products” designed for marketing and sales through leading cosmetics stores abroad.

The company’s products are not tested on animals and are licensed by the Ministry of Health in Israel and the C.P.N.P in Europe. Today you can find the company’s products in several leading European, Asian and South American countries.

In early 2015 we developed the virtual store to allow you to purchase in a convenient and reliable manner. Thank you for choosing to be a club member and we will always be here to be of service to you.