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This website is the property of Alona Shechter Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). The site offers users information about products supplied by the Company. These products are sold worldwide in a variety of ways (shops, beauticians, telemarketers etc.).

All information on this site does not constitute a recommendation or substitute for medical advice.

At the time of registration the applicant agrees to read and accept the Terms & Conditions as laid out by the company. After the registration, no claims against the company and / or its representatives and / or it’s operators other than a breach of the obligations of the company and / or it’s representatives and / or it’s operators in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

The company reserves the right to suspend or block access to the website or immediately stop service if a user violates the Terms & Conditions as laid out. Any postings which are false, offensive, defamatory, threatening, abusive, pornographic, sexually oriented, racist or illegal will be deemed to be a violation of the Terms & Conditions as laid out and in addition will be regarded as an illegal act.

This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel and the user agrees that any act contrary to the Terms & Conditions as laid out that may result in a legal proceeding will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Israeli judicial system.


The company hereby undertakes to protect the privacy of its customers. All statements and personal information that are fed onto the site via the “Contact Us” / “site members” will be kept confidential in accordance with the medical confidentiality act.

All correspondence including emails received by the company’s website will be held in the strictest confidence. Correspondence and emails received by the company may be used by the company to send newsletters and promotions to customers. At any given moment the customer has the right to remove the user’s name and / or email address from the mailing list.

We use technology such as “Cookies”. We collect the relevant information and use it for the purpose of re-marketing, data analysis, market research, management systems etc. Cookies are text files which are placed in your device at the time of access to our website. By using cookies, we recognize the language of your system, geographic location, operating system, IP address etc.

Third parties such as Facebook, for example, may share the information with others only with the users consent.

In addition, we are able to disclose information about the user if required to do so by legal process or when fraud or illegal activities are suspected.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time without prior notice.

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Cosmetics for Personal Use:

Products and samples shown on this website are for personal use only and may not be sold by the user. The company reserves the right, with or without notice, to discontinue certain products and / or to introduce new lines and / or to change quantities at the discretion of the company.

Limits of Liability:

The information provided on this website is for personal use only and may not be copied and / or distributed in any another manner.

The information is not a substitute for medical diagnosis nor is it a substitute for medical treatment.

This website offers general information about our products and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment of personal health or medical conditions. This website does not provide information for medical treatment. In such instances, it is recommended that a consultation with a medical professional is arranged.

This website will make every effort to provide accurate information, however the company cannot be held responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, incomplete information etc. which may appear in the information provided.

This website may contain inaccuracies, typographical errors, misspellings for which the company cannot be held responsible. The company does not undertake to update the information as mentioned above. The company cannot be held responsible for damage to hardware and / or software resulting from viruses nor from any damages arising from use of this website.

Database information may change from time to time without prior notice.


This website contains links to other websites. The company cannot be held responsible for the content of these linked sites nor can the company be held responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the information provided by these sites.

The inclusion of links to other websites does not necessarily indicate the support of the company. The use of these links remains the responsibility of the user.

References to any information, product or service of a third party, including a list of therapists and /or retail outlets are not the responsibility of, nor do they receive the support nor the approval of the company.

Protection of Intellectual Property:

All information and / or displays appearing on the website, including graphics, icons, designs, verbal presentations, trademarks and logos are exclusively owned by Alona Shechter Ltd. All the information and / or displays as mentioned above may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Alona Shechter Ltd.

Registration and Account Management:

All users may register on this website.

Neither the Company nor it’s operators will be held responsible for any errors in carrying out registrations nor by entering incorrect information or details by the registrant onto the system.

Registrant information will be used for internal use only and will not be available to any other party.

The registrant agrees that the Company will retain all personal information including: first name, last name, phone number, cell phones number, date of birth, email address, postal and residential addresses, in the system.

Subject to the limitations described above, the user may view this website’s many features without registering on the website. This includes making purchases of all products advertised on this website without registering. The user accepts responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his / her account, username and password.

The user further accepts responsibility for restricting access to any unauthorized use of his / her computer. Should there be any unauthorized use of the account, username and password, kindly advise the company immediately (info@alonashechter.com).

The user accepts responsibility for providing and maintaining current personal information by updating any changes such as: postal address / residential address etc.

The user accepts responsibility for all actions while in the process of using his/ her account including purchasing products, reviews, comments and sharing information etc.

should a person make use of this website on behalf of another, with the authority of the registered user, he/ she agrees to the Terms & Conditions as provided in this document. Should a person make use of this website without the authority of the registed user, that person agrees to be bound by the Terms & Conditions as provided in this document and further accepts responsibility for any damage that may be caused by improper use of this website or any damage to the content on the site as a result of such use or access.

Users may cancel their account at any time by contacting the company via email at info@alonashechter.com

We reserve the right to refuse service and / or terminate accounts without prior notice if these Terms & Conditions are violated or if we decide at our sole discretion, that it would be in our best interests to do so.


In order for a registrant to cancel his / her registration, the onus is on the registrant to advise the company of their intention to cancel by using the following email address: info@alonashechter.com

Cancellation of registration not in accordance with these conditions will not be accepted.

Additional conditions:

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions by adding and / removing provisions without prior notice. Each and every purchase is subject to the regulations in force at the time, and shall be posted on the company website under ” Terms & Conditions “.

Registration to this website is permitted only to persons over the age of 18. The registration states that the registrant is 18 years or over. It is forbidden to register another person without his / her consent and only after he / she has read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions as provided in this document.

Product images presented on this website are for illustration purposes only and are not binding.

Should any questions arise about any product, kindly complete the “question form” and forward it to us.

The website management intends that the site and its services be available at all times. However, the site management is not able to guarantee continuous availability without incident and without a temporary break occurring. The management, at it’s discretion, may temporarily shutdown this website for the purpose of maintenance and / or reorganization. The company will not grant any compensation / credit due to malfunctions and / or service interruptions.

Duties and responsibilities of the user:

By using this website the user agrees to read, understand and accept the Terms & Conditions, warnings and instructions which appear on this website. The user further agrees that he / she will act in accordance with the law and in good faith.

It is against the law to make any changes to the content or services that appear on this website or to cause any damage that may harm the website in any way whatsoever. Should the user negligently or willfully cause any loses or damages, he / she will be held responsible for any costs incurred at the time of such losses or damages in the future.

User Content:

The user agrees, that whilst making use of this website in uploading, posting, emailing, sharing, distributing and / or making suggestions, offering ideas, asking questions, giving feedback, texting, listening to videos, sending photographs / graphics / images / messages or other materials, the user accepts sole responsibility for this use.

The user hereby grants the company perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, license, sublicense, adapt, distribute, display, publicly perform, reproduce, transmit, modify, edit and otherwise exploit “User Content” throughout the world.

The user further agrees that “User Content” may be used by the company in the international media for any purpose whatsoever, including, without limitation, developing, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of products.

The user agrees that he / she does not have the right, nor does he / she have the right to encourage other parties to use this website in any way unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, misleading, obscene, pornographic, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, false, fraudulent, inaccurate, racial, ethnic or in any other way objectionable.

The user further agrees not to infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.

The company is in no way responsible for examining or evaluating the “User Content” and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the “User Content”. Although the company encourages “User Content”, the company does not assume responsibility for the accuracy, integrity or quality of “User Content”. The user understands and accepts that by using the website, he / she may be exposed to “User Content” that may be offensive, indecent or objectionable. In no case will the company be held responsible in any way for any “User Content”, including, without limitation, any error or omissions in any “User Content”, or for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of “User Content”. The user hereby waives all rights to any claims against the company for any alleged or actual violations of property rights, rights of privacy and publicity, moral rights and rights of attribution in connection with “User Content”.

The user understands and accepts that the company has the right (but is not obliged) at it’s sole discretion to refuse to post or remove any “User Content”. The company reserves the right to change, condense or delete any “User Content”. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing or any other provision within these Terms & Conditions, the company has the right to remove any “User Content” that violates these Terms & Conditions or which is objectionable and further reserves the right to refuse service and / or terminate the accounts without notice to any users who violate these Terms & Conditions or prejudice the rights of others.