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Eye Care

Day Treatment

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    Achillea Soap

    Antiseptic soap for maximum cleaning

  2. 2

    Classic Serum

    Nourishes the skin on your face all hours of the day

  3. 3

    Eye Gel

    For reducing swelling and dark circles under the eyes


Alona Shechter's solution

Bags under the eyes solution

Alona Shechter Company has developed a product with the highest standards in cosmetics designed precisely for this problem - "Eye Gel"

"Eye Gel" is a gentle gel specially designed for sensitive areas around the eyes. It penetrates the skin, strengthens the dermal collagen, moisturizes powerfully, greatly contributes to the reduction of the bags, brings the swelling down and reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

Also "Eye Gel" gives the skin a firmer, smoother and younger look.

For a perfect solution, rinse the area with "Achillea Soapless Soap", then apply "Classic Serum" and after that apply the "Eye Gel". This should be done every morning.

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