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Small tips that make a big difference

Looking great never comes easy. But who says you have to work hard in order to look your best and feel great?
Maybe you’ve heard that in order to look great, you have to put in the effort but why not take shortcuts if you can?

Looking great never comes easy. But who says you have to work hard in order to look  your best and feel great?

 Maybe you’ve heard that in order to look great, you have to put in the effort but why not take shortcuts if you can?

We’ve summed up, especially for you, the best tips for best body, hair and face results. We know that you’re probably busy and juggle between work and family. These tips are very handy and you’ll be surprised to know they are also affordable.

The following tips are taken from worldwide hair, body and face experts and, yes of course, they include our own experiences and knowledge of body, face and hair care.

Let’s begin

A small tip for your makeup routine – mix moisturizer cream with your foundation makeup

Your make up routine should include face serum, moisturizing cream and then make up, it’s good. But what’s even better, is if you mix your makeup foundation with your moisturizer cream before applying the makeup.

You see, make up has a tendency to crack and break once the skin is not nourished. That’s why the makeup you applied in the morning does not look the same in the afternoon.

Our recommendation – Mix the makeup with 2-3 drops of your moisturizing cream in the palm of your hand and apply it on nourished skin. The results will last throughout the day as your skin will be much more nourished all day. In addition, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to save the amount of makeup you apply.

If you’re not familiar yet with our moisturizing day cream – check it out


A great tip for dry skin under the feet – using plastic wrap!

Those of you who use body cream are familiar with that great nourishing feeling the body gets after applying the cream. But the bad news is that especially during dry seasons – the cream absorbs faster and your skin is left “thirsty” again.

So especially for the coming winter, when she skin tends to be a bit drier and especially for these extra dry areas such as heels, this next tip will create miracles for your skin:

First apply your body cream. Yes: you don’t need more than a great nourishing body cream such as Body Lotion.

Now wrap the dry nourished area with a plastic wrap. Keep the foot well covered, so air cannot penetrate the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will enhance the activity of nourishing materials and will slow down the absorption of the cream.

Our recommendation – Leave the plastic wrap on your feet for a couple of hours or even for the night. In the morning you’ll witness a major improvement to your feet: cracked or dry skin will just disappear. We recommend you create this kind of plastic wrap routine, at least once a week. You’ll be surprised with the results.

Use our pampering, nourishing Body Lotion-


A valuable tip for those who don’t wash their hair daily

 No wonder we are so confused whether to wash our hair daily or not. Some hair experts recommend not washing the hair daily, in order to keep the natural fat layer of the scalp and avoid dryness. Others, recommend washing every day in order to allow the hair root to breath. So what should we do?

Our recommendation is to wash according to weather changes: in Summer, wash your hair daily, as the scalp tends to sweat more. Daily washing will remove fat and dirt and will open the pores.

In Winter, we recommend to wash your hair every other day, as the scalp does not sweat that much. On the days that you do not wash your hair, our recommendation is to rub 2-3 drops of Hair Oil on your hands and apply it on wet hair. You’ll see the immediate shine and vitality to what was a few seconds ago – a dry, tired looking hair. Check out our Hair Oil

Winter tip for showering

Winter is here and now is the time you have to be extra careful with your skin. Daily usage of scrub brushes in winter can actually damage the skin and even develop skin asthma. Scrubbing the skin especially during winter time, can remove healthy delicate skin cells and the result is extra dry skin.

Our recommendation – store the scrub brushes until summer. And if you’re not familiar with our Achillea Soapless Soap – check it out


Healthy fruit and vegetable shake that does wonders for your health and skin

Here’s a great tip for a low calorie meal that stimulates blood flow, and is rich in vitamins and iron – Kyle shake

Put in a blender:

1 cucumber

5 Kyle leaves

1/2 mango

1 green apple

Blend all ingredients with water or with nut milk and drink immediately, in order to enjoy the full potential of the vitamins.

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