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Dry and cracked body skin

What is dry and cracked body skin?

One of the most common causes of dry and cracked skin is the change of seasons, with each person reacting differently. This condition could affect different areas of the body.

Dry and cracked skin can result in peeling on the hands and legs and possibly bleeding during the dry season. Besides an unhealthy appearance the affected areas itch and an unpleasant feeling is experienced.

Dry skin occurs mainly in the winter months due to the lack of moisture in the air. Heating systems contribute to aggravating the situation.

When the skin is dry it is more vulnerable to bacteria and allergies.


Is it possible to get rid of the dryness?

You can eliminate dry skin.

When the skin dries, it should be revitalized by using a moisturizing product. There are different types of products specifically available for different affected areas of the body.

Alona Shechter's solution

Alona Shechter Company has developed four products designed to relieve dryness and cracks in the skin. All these products contain a combination of a Dead Sea minerals and medicinal herbs.

"Mor & Levona Balsam" is the most effective product in terms of dry, cracked skin. It penetrates damaged skin cells and is designed for cracked skin on elbows, knees and feet.


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"Hand Cream" is the most effective product for the hands only. It moisturizers the hands to perfection without leaving them greasy.alona-shechter-hand-cream

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"Body Lotion" is a product with a luxurious fragrance which moisturizers delicately. It is suitable for mild to moderate dryness.


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״Cream Body Scrub" greatly contributes to the flow of blood and oxygen to the body. Massaging with this cream hydrates the skin, improves elasticity and softness which generally disappears over time.


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