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What is pigmentation?

Our skin color is determined primarily by the pigment melanin, which is the outer skin layer (epidermis). The main role of melanin is to protect the body from solar radiation. Melanin is produced when skin is exposed to sunlight - the modern reality that is called "tanning".

Occasionally melanin is uniformly distributed on each layer of the skin and it accumulates in a particular area and therefore creates brown spots we call "pigmentation". Uneven distribution is usually created by excessive sun exposure, but it is possible that the hormonal production process can also cause "pigmentation". Therefore pregnant women or women who are exposed to pills and hormone replacement therapy may suffer more from this phenomenon.


Is it possible to remove the pigmentation?

Brown spots are not always consistent with the outer skin layer (epidermis). There are three main types of pigmentation:

1. Freckles - epidermal layers are formed mainly by an increase in melanin pigment. These spots can be removed relatively easily.

2. Melasma - appears mainly on the second layer of skin (dermis) and are wide, symmetrical spots which appear mainly in the cheeks and forehead in young women during pregnancy or in women taking oral contraceptives. These spots can be removed but this requires an average of four to six months.

3. Age spots – appears in the third layer of skin (hypodermis) and are also called "liver spots" because of their color. They are deeper and darker. These spots are very difficult to remove and are sometimes impossible to remove by using  any cosmetic product.

What is Alona Shechter solution?

Alona Shechter Company has developed a product that meets the highest standards in the cosmetic market today - "Whitening Cream".

"Whitening Cream" is based on a combination of exfoliation and reduction of the production of an excess of melanin and is designed to effectively treat most spots associated with sun exposure: freckles, age spots and spots caused by pregnancy. This special combination stimulates the renewal of skin cells and makes the skin look fresh, smooth, young and of course without pigmentation.


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