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Atopic Dermatitis

What is Atopic Dermatitis?

Asthma of the skin or Atopic Dermatitis, as it is commonly known, is a skin condition that causes the skin to appear red and very dry. The skin does not look good and feels uncomfortable and becomes very itchy. The itch can become so severe that  it may cause sleep disorders. This condition is not contagious.

Usually, in adults, it appears around the eyes, forehead, elbows and in the creases behind the knees. In babies and small children, it can also occur on the back, hands and scalp.

If not treated quickly and properly the condition will worsen the redness and may also become painful and local infection may set in.

Atopic Dermatitis usually occurs at a very young age and disappears a few years later. In most cases, the condition does not return but there are cases whereby stress and pressure may cause the condition to return during the teenage years or even older.

It is not certain exactly what causes Atopic Dermatitis but it is highly likely that the weather, dust or severe allergies to plants may be the result of this condition. In addition, allergies to certain food (milk, fish and eggs) or skin sensitivity or stress may be the cause.

How do we treat Atopic Dermatitis?

Firstly, it is important to be examined by a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis with certainty.

1. The skin must be kept moist by using a recommended moisturizer or body oil.

2. A hydrophilic oil is the best product to use while showering or bathing.

3. Do not use regular soaps that cause dryness of your skin.

4. Avoid wearing tight clothing that causes friction on the body.

5. It is recommended to reduce all activities which cause excessive sweating.

6. Avoid transition from one extreme temperature to another.

7. Try to keep exposure to dust, animal hair or pollen to a minimum.

8. Use beauty products that do not create allergies.

9. After confirmation of Atopic Dermatitis, at the  first signs of redness start using a recommended moisturizer or body oil without delay.

10. Try to relax as much as possible to reduce mental stress.

Can it be treated using steroids?

Steroid creams can help reduce the redness and itching, but remember that using steroids for a long period of time brings with it the side effects that damage the skin, such as: stretch marks, bleeding colon, pimples, expansion of capillaries, thin skin, and more. It is desirable to avoid as much as possible the use of steroids.

What Alona Shechter recommends?

Alona Shechter has three products that together create the perfect solution for Atopic Dermatitis.

1. Achilleas Soapless Soap: This soap opens the pores, disinfects the area and prepares it for the next product.

2. Mor And Levona Balsam: This ointment contains medicinal herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea which gives the skin the perfect moisture and contributes greatly to the rehabilitation of the skin.

3. Hydrophilic Oil: This oil cleanses and nourishes the skin over time.

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