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Blog 3 principles for a great look!

3 principles for a great look!

We summed up the 3 basic principles that good health and looks are based upon. If you choose your cosmetic products and health habits based on these principles, you will be able to sustain good health and a winning look.

Would you like to look and feel your best? Sure you would! 

You probably already know that when your body is healthy, you look your best. You may have heard these tips: drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, sleep 8 hours a day, exercise (and today the recommendation is to walk 10,000 steps a day), to reduce stress by breathing exercises, and of course combining 70-80% of vegetables in your daily diet.

All of these are habits that, once followed, enable good health and as a result, good face tone and healthy hair. But we wish it was that simple…

In today’s reality, surveys show that the majority of the population suffer from lack of iron and other important vitamins that reflect specifically on skin tone and elasticity as well as hair fibers.

We summed up the 3 basic principles that good health and looks are based upon. If you choose your cosmetic products and health habits based on these principles, you will be able to sustain good health and a winning look.

Principle number 1: Metabolism and Lymphatic system principle

Everybody has their own unique metabolism and lymphatic system. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to wash out all the waste the body does not need.

For us women – the activity of this system changes over time and is also sensitive to hormonal changes such as pregnancy, birth, menopause or even stress. 

These circumstances often change the capacity of these systems to work, and when the lymphatic system and the metabolism slows down, this results in Cellulite!

Cellulite is fat that the lymphatic system is unable to eliminate, and as a result, that fat accumulates under the skin on the hips, the bottom and even the lower stomach. 

There are many techniques, products and treatments to get rid of cellulite and they all work under the lymphatic system principle – by actively massaging the cellulite area, encouraging better blood flow and better activity of the metabolism system. All of this is achieved by massaging the affected area.

In order to “wake up” the lymphatic system, we can do a high intensity work out, deep massage at home, or treatment with cellulite machinery at the beauty salons.

Our recommendation: create a body massage habit right now to prevent and treat cellulite. It is also advisable that the cream you use for the massage includes active blood flow materials.

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Principle number 2: Blood flow and collagen principle

Did you know? A good healthy blood flow enables the body to be cured from diseases by manufacturing new blood cells. When acne, psoriasis and other inflammatory  symptoms appear, the blood flow in these areas often changes and slows down.

During puberty, hormones rage and the expression for this is known as acne. All materials to treat acne are based on drying the outer layer of the pimple and encouraging better blood flow to the inflamed area in order to allow the body to repair and create new cells.

Collagen – that miraculous substance that controls the texture and elasticity of our skin on the face – is activated when the blood flow is accelerated.

Our recommendation – in order to maintain good blood flow to all areas of your body, combine a rich green vegetable diet that encourages the manufacture of collagen which, in turn, nourishes the skin.

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Principle number 3: Never say “NO” to iron

We have good news and bad news regarding your hair:  the good news is that all types of hair can be treated and nourished, but the bad news is your hair strength, elasticity and structure, is genetic. Therefore, if you were born with thin hair, you can strength it to the maximum potential of your hair, but you cannot replace it. But if your hair is normally strong and vibrant, but lately it appears broken and dry, check if your body lacks iron.

Our body produces so much energy from iron and most of us are lacking in it due to our modern lifestyle. Our recommendation – combine iron in your daily diet by consuming green vegetables and protein, and restore the outer surface of the hair with cosmetic products that wraps the hair in a protective coating, nourishes it with vitamins, and protects it from weather changes.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alona Shechter

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