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Blog How the famous Hollywood stars treat their hair?

How the famous Hollywood stars treat their hair?

Hollywood stars have great hair, don’t they? At least this is what we see in red carpet ceremonies on TV. They always appear with shiny great looking hair and we wonder- how they do that?

Hollywood stars have great hair, don’t they? At least this is what we see in red carpet ceremonies on TV. They always appear with shiny great looking hair and we wonder- how they do that?

With a variety of roles they play, they are obliged to dye their hair again and again. And not only that – with press appearances and events, they cannot leave the house without styling their hair with mousse and spray which are known to damage the hair when being used consistently.

So how come their hair looks so great all the time?

We summed up 8 Hollywood stars’ secrets for great looking hair:

1. They wash their hair every day but not with an ordinary shampoo

Today, hair experts recommend shampooing hair every day in order to clean the scalp, remove dead cells and dirt.

The secret of Hollywood stars is that they use shampoo based on medicinal herbs! It is suitable for daily usage as it does not dry the hair. If you haven’t tried our medicinal herbs shampoo yet – check this out.

2. They say – “Bye Bye” to the conditioner!

They listen to hair experts advice not to use a conditioner as it tends to weaken the hair roots by intensively softening them. The solution is a hair mask that is applied on the tips of the hair only. 

But even the more fashion and beauty conscious stars have tossed away the mask!

Here at “Alona Shechter”, you’ll find the next generation of hair softeners – Lituph Nourishing Hair Oil!

This hair oil performs as a substitute for conditioner or hair mask, as it leaves the hair soft and shiny. The hair oil intensively nourishes and softens the hair and seals splits ends


3. They practice one rule when they blow dry their hair – room temperature only!

They style their hair with a blow drier brush, only when their hair is almost dry and after applying protective serum.

Blow drying your hair should always be done at room temperature in order not to damage the hair.

Our recommendation – let your hair “rest” from time to time and skip the hair blow drying – let it dry naturally at least once a week. 

4. They take vitamins

If Hollywood stars seek short practical solutions for great looking hair, they would take all sorts of vitamins which strengthen hair roots including nails.

Our recommendation is to eat healthily, combining vegetables with every meal and drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. 

5. They comb wet hair with a suitable comb

Let’s be honest – Don’t we all use the same comb for all kinds of usage? We comb wet hair and dry hair with the same comb and even use it for knotted hair.

If you want great looking hair, you should use a suitable comb for the different usages:

Knotted hair should be untangled with the fingers in order not to rip the hair. 

On wet hair, it is advisable to use a wide tooth comb and for dry hair a suitable brush is recommended.

6. They don’t rub their wet hair with a towel!

Rubbing ones hair with a thick towel, is like massaging your skin with sand paper – it may create rips on the hair surface.  

When the hair is wet, it is advisable to gently absorb the water with a towel or a cotton cloth in order to protect the hair.

We recommended a dabbing motion.

7. They cut split ends!

We will never see a Hollywood star with split ends. They keep cutting split ends every 1 to 3 months. Doing so will help maintain the hair vitality and prevent split end from increasing.

8. Continuous feeding and guarding against free radicals

Many women forgo hair serum, but models and actresses know that hair serum keeps their hair in better shape than any other product.

Unlike shampoo or conditioner, hair serum is left on for a day and protects the hair from the sun, prevents dryness, moisturizes and eliminates free radicals.


With all of these tips, we guarantee you’ll have hair comparable to “Hollywood Stars”. 

Try our hair series to protect, nourish and style your hair.


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