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How to choose the right moisturizer?

If you’re wondering what the most suitable moisturizer cream for your skin is, you’re not alone – there are so many types of face creams in various textures and percentages of active ingredients.

If you’re wondering what the most suitable moisturizer cream for your skin is, you’re not alone – there are so many types of face creams in various textures and percentages of active ingredients.

In addition, every cream comes in a different package, color and fragrance, so choosing the right face cream becomes more and more difficult.

Many women do not choose the right face cream for their skin because of their habits: It begins with adolescence when young women use their mothers face cream that is mostly not suitable for their skin type, and can lead to acne.

Remember – the face cream that is suitable for your mother, neighbor or daughter, is not necessarily the right face cream for you.


First of all – Why use a face cream?

A face cream is first and foremost a moisturizing cream.

There are many types of nutritious face creams on the market. Some of them come with anti-aging and firming qualities, but remember that the purpose of any moisturizing cream is to assimilate moisture to the outer layer of the skin – “the epidermis”, and to retain the natural moisture that your body produces.

Different types of moisturizing creams reflect the level of this action. Therefore – rich creams or water based creams, work differently depending on the skin type.

Even if you’re using a treatable face cream, such as anti-aging cream or firming cream, remember that as long as the product you use is a high quality product and rich in active moisturizing ingredients, your skin will benefit with the moisturizing effect.

How can you recognize moisturizing ingredients in your face cream?

The active ingredients that seal moisture onto the skin are lanolin, glycerin and a variety of vitamins which enable the skin to absorb water into the epidermis.

Some face creams also include alpha hydro acid (AHA) which removes dead cells from the skin. 


How to choose the right face cream for you?

1. We recommend face creams which contain glycerin. Unlike lanolin, this substance is less allergenic and it is more likely that if your skin is sensitive, glycerin based face creams are better.

2.  If your skin is exposed to the sun during the day, it is preferable to use face creams with sun screen – at least a 25 SPF protection and remember to apply this cream several times a day.

3. Match your face cream to your skin type – the common skin types are: ordinary skin / oily skin / dry skin / mixed skin.

A. If you have thin, sensitive and dry skin – it is advisable to use rich textured creams. It is also advisable to use a face serum tofully absorb the active ingredients in the moisturizing cream.

B. If your skin is sensitive or allergenic – it is advisable to use natural based ingredients or hypoallergenic ingredients like chamomile or aloe vera.

C. If your skin is oily – choose face creams that are water based.

D. If your skin is mixed – it is advisable to use 2 different types of face creams – one for each area.

As long as these creams contain active moisturizing ingredients, you’ll see results.


Now that you understand what ingredients are necessary to maintain moisture, you’ll see that using face creams with a high percentage of moisturizing ingredients, will benefit every skin type.

Here at “Alona Shechter”, you can find one product that suits all skin types – Beautyli Day Cream. Our face cream works to preserve and lock in the natural moisture of the skin. This is why it is suitable for every skin type. In addition, it is anti-allergenic and is based on natural ingredients.

You are welcome to try our face cream which contains all the ingredients needed for every skin type:

Beautyli Day Cream” is an anti-aging moisturizer with a unique combination of active ingredients.

It contains Jade powder which nourishes the skin, slows the aging process, contributes to the preservation and renewal of the Dermal Collagen and leaves the skin with a soft and gentle texture.

Some tips for nourishing your face:

1. Combine serum! – Whether you’re using a firming face cream, or any treatable face cream, it is recommended to apply Classic Serum before applying your face cream. One of the secrets in keeping and maintaining your face moist is by applying a serum before applying the moisturizing cream. The serum is a moisturizer “booster” as it helps to absorb the ingredients of the face cream. 

2. Be consistent! – Use moisturizing cream every morning and nourishing cream every night.

3. Clean your face before applying face cream. We recommend using Achillea soapless soap which cleanses your face.

4. Before going to sleep – it is advisable to use a face cream or vitamin oil with Retinol. Retinol based creams or face oils, accelerates your skin rejuvenation overnight.

5. If your skin is extra dry – it is preferable to use creams with Lactic Acid which softens the epidermis layer.

6. It has been proven that daily usage of moisturizing cream at the age of 16, is much more beneficial than starting to use a high quality anti-aging face cream at 50… so get to it.

And finally,

Change your face cream every couple of months: when the skin becomes accustomed to one face cream, it is less effective. 

Remember that your skin is constantly changing due to age, hormones, stress and the seasons. So pay attention and choose the right face cream for any given situation.


Alona Shechter


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